Who we are

We are a temporary rolling night shelter based on the ‘Shelter in a Pack’ model published jointly by Housing Justice and the Church Urban Fund. 

In 2017 we were awarded "Excellent Practice" by Housing Justice. Housing Justice offers a quality mark for Church and Community night shelters as a way of bench marking basic standards for shelters across the country and incorporate best practice in our work. Crucially, the Quality Mark is a recognised assurance to funders, local authorities, insurers, shelter guests and the local community that the shelter is run to the highest standard.

The Housing Justice Assessor in his report stated: ‘"The Snowflake shelter team clearly work well together with a spirit of cooperation and job satisfaction. It is apparent that everyone is dedicated and committed to this work. There is no doubt that Snowflake is making a significant contribution, in an impressive and wellnetworked way, to alleviate poverty, destitution, social injustice and anti-social behaviour. This goes a long way in building and maintaining stronger, safer communities - perhaps more than many projects (and their Local Authority’s) realise".

"The common comradery, courtesy and respect I experienced at the shelter venue, amongst everyone present (volunteers, staff, guests and visitors), is of great credit to Snowflake as a whole. The breaking down of ‘us and them’ barriers and emphasis on integration as opposed to segregation was evident and a joy to experience." Housing Justice Assessor

Our aims are:

  • To provide a night shelter for genuinely homeless people who would otherwise be sleeping rough in Hastings and St Leonards during the extreme winter months
  • With respect and without discrimination, to engage church members and local people generally with some of the most vulnerable people in the Town in line with Christian principles
  • To provide a warm bed, non-judgemental hospitality and engagement with willing Volunteers to facilitate wellbeing and positive self-esteem
  • Hot drinks, an evening meal and breakfast
  • In liaison with specialist agencies, encouragement in accessing relevant longer term solutions to individual housing and employment needs


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